Trenchless Technology (HDD)

Networx Construction has a range of Horizontal Directional Drills to ensure every possible ground condition and project location can be undertaken with maximum safety and minimal disruption at all times.

With the wide variety of conventional installation and trenchless technologies available, our experienced and multi-disciplined team is essential in meeting the complex requirements of an underground infrastructure project.

Horizontal Directional Drilling is an effective alternative to the disruption traditionally associated with underground construction. HDD provides accessibility to smaller work footprints; and reduced disturbance of sensitive areas and environmental concerns, delivered using a selection of our specialised equipment. Our selection of HDD Fleet and ancilliary vehicles offer a solutions to diverse ground conditions and project locations to undertake the scope specification with maximum safety and minimal disruption at all times.

Trenchless Technologies

Ditch Witch 20/20

Big performance in a compact package. The versatility of the 20/20’s small footprint is perfect in built up areas for minimal disruption; and is suitable for all ground conditions and large or small locations.

Vermeer 36X50D Series II

Offers powerful grunt for all large diameter bores suiting all ground conditions and specialising in creek/river crossings - under the operation of a highly skilled Networx Construction staff will succeed where others have attempted and failed!

JT30 All Terrain

This is a rock specialist drill for all small or large diameter bores in all ground conditions - a total drill solution as it is our most powerful and quietest combination. This machine also specialises in creek/river crossings.


The JT60 provides more powerful rotational torque allowing increase in depth and diameter to deliver multipurpose utilities installations. Working more efficiently with less downtime.

Vacuum Tanker

All of our Drilling supported by environmentally friendly containment and removal of drilling slurry utilising a 60,000 litre Vacuum Tanker.